Tula’s Flames

​ Tula and I had great time today spray painting this yellow army onto the red wall in her bedroom. We had designed the idea ages ago but we've only just got the respirators we need to spray indoors. I say we, Tula did the designing, I just assisted the artistic process.  Tula Iis very …

Ladybird Lampshade.

​ It had got to that point when our bathroom ceiling needed a lick of paint, so while I was at it I jazzed up the previously cream and rather dusty lampshade. I sprayed it blue, cut a lady bird stencil and sprayed that on and then added a bit of greenery with some acrylic …

A moment of Narcissism

I've been painting myself a sign so when I'm out painting in public, people can be informed as to where to find me online. Definitely a bit of Takashi Murakami inspiration going on here, that I think might well be worth developing.

Plant a Seed; Busy Bee

Work in progress on this stenciled busy bee. I still plan to add somee water coming out of the watering can and a shadow coming off the plant pot. Maybe a shadow thrown onto the floor from the bee too. Alex Hykel: Artist, Puppeteer, Harmonica Player;

Plant a seed.

This picture is a work in progress (but accepted) design for a mural on the first section of playground wall in Ashley Down Primary School in Bristol. The dimensions are 2.35metres by 4.82 In the final piece, all the bees will be wearing trainer's. One nice feature is that the open books are going to …

Bees Rock!; Work in progress.

Here's one Tula and I found ourselves working on late yesterday evening by torchlight! It's a bit scruffy but I like it. More to come from this busy bee series for Ashley Down Primary School very soon. Alex Hykel: Artist, Puppeteer, Harmonica Player;

Think you can’t do it?

Monday morning message; we are all capable of so much but often fear, uncertainty, self doubt or lack of perseverance get in the way of us achieving our goals. Think you can't do it? Chances are you can! Maybe take a moment to mentally break it up into smaller, more manageable pieces. Then be calm, …