Nativity Puppet Patterns

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Here’s some nativity character clothes peg puppet characters. Each one is printed twice, looking to the left and right so each character can have a conversation with all the others, while looking directly at them.

Tula and I filmed a video today demonstrating how to make them. Hopefully we’ll get it online tomorrow.

Buffalo Bill clothes peg puppet


For the short bit of time Tula was in school this morning I did these clothes peg puppet templates for Charlie Baughan to use with his class. They are studying Brisol local history so obviously Brunel is there.
Less known about is Colonel Coney who when to North America and brought back to Bristol with him Buffalo Bill and his tribe who formed a huge circus. According to Charlie there were 4 train loads of people involved and 500 horses. It must have been pretty impressive! I’m going to do him and his class some more characters to help their learning.