Pub Bar

Very unusually for me at the moment I stopped at a pub on my way home today and had a couple of pints and did a bit of sketching. Very pleasant it was too. It soon became clear to me my perspective was out in the drawing above but I worked on it a bit …

Dreaming of Boats

Sometimes, it's really hard for Tula to summon the energy to get up properly after I wake her up each morning. I'll open the black out curtains I made that go around her bunk bed and maybe do a little drawing so she has silent company as she awakens.

The Cubestar project

One day this week I realised as I pulled our front door shut that I had forgotten my house keys and a couple of hours later, on returning home from school, Tula and I found ourselves locked out of the house. Fortunately, I did have my shed keys with me, and the one for the …

Buffalo Bill clothes peg puppet

For the short bit of time Tula was in school this morning I did these clothes peg puppet templates for Charlie Baughan to use with his class. They are studying Brisol local history so obviously Brunel is there. Less known about is Colonel Coney who when to North America and brought back to Bristol with …

Dave’s Guitar: An ammendment

It turns out the guitar case in the last post belongs to Charlie, another teacher in the school (featured in my post '2 Charlies'). Dave informed me of this fact and then presented me wih his guitar to draw. So here's the picture.