Windmill Hill Arts Trail.


This impressive dinosaur is built onto a tandem bike and can be cycled around, wicked or what?. We were looking around Windmill hill arts trail at the weekend and somebody we were chatting to had seen it earlier parading the streets so we went in search of it. We found it on display in the garden of Trevor Houghton, who I realised as we arrived is someone I have met a number of times before. I have seen him and Emma do some really beautiful political shows using cut out drawings, a video camera and a projector. They are part of the ‘Other Story’ puppetry collective, who tell stories that connect us to each other across place and time. I get the feeling these are people of many tallents, there were solar pannels all over the place and when I asked Trevor about it he told me he is part of a groip who run workshops showing people how to build em themselves. Check out to find out more. I can’t help but love these guys.

Greek Mythology

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the adventures of characters such as Hercules and Perseus and artistically inspired by beasts such as the Minotaur and Medusa. So throughout 2012 I have been working on some shows telling some tales from Greek Mythology. There is such a cornucopia of stories to choose from it could be difficult to know where to begin, however it seemed to me that Zeus the king of the Gods was an excellent starting point seeing as he is such a naughty character and can hurl thunderbolts whenever he chooses. Here the rogue is.Zeus, The King of the Gods