Tula, Rufus and myself have had another crack at making a puppet building tutorial video.  We tried to made the instructions as clear as possible which has led to this one being over 10minutes long. Maybe a bit too lengthy really.

We realised that this video would benefit from some spoken directions over the top of sections of video that have been speeded up. So that we have done. In my opinion it works nicely, and is a simple way to get good sound quality, so we’ll be looking into doing more of that for the next video. Our aim is to produce tutorials that clearly demonstrate and describe the materials and processes that are used, without becoming boring. Please do have a watch.

Oh, and constructive criticism is much appreciated.


    1. Thank you so much for watching Janinka. I think Tula is brilliant too and has great potential.
      Maybe a TV programme would be fun, though I should imagine, very intensive.
      We are just planning our next video for this week.

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