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We’ve managed to get our first Puppet Wizard tutorial video up onto utube, before helping the year 2 kids in Ashley Down Primary school make some clothes peg puppets tomorrow. This is partly a response to the teacher Charlie Baughan telling me that sometimes kids take in the information better from a video, than from being shown in person. So now this is available to them to have playing in the classroom during the puppet making activity.

We’ve actually been planning to start making regular puppet making tutorial videos for a while now, it’s just taken rather longer than anticipated to get them started. I have to confess that we’ve got a way to go before we reach the kind of production quality we are hoping to achieve, but  the best way to improve, in my experience,  is to get started.
Please have a watch an let us know what you think. I think Tula makes an excellent presenter, and Rufus is already a handy little editor. A family team!

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