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The clothes peg puppet making fits nicely into an hour long session. The kids demonstrated their teamwork skills by working in pairs, each member of the team building a left or a right viewing head, and making sure they communicated well so they did matching colouring in.
The video helpful to show the class the building process. They loved the speeded up colouring in and cutting out, but it could definitely do with a description that this is the case in the video. If I hadn’t been there to explain to the class they might have tried to colour in at super speed!
The part that presented most difficulty was the attaching of the head and jaw to the clothes peg.
This was tricky for the 7 year old kids and I think most of them needed help doing that bit.
It definitely calls for this bit of the building process being clearly described and demonstrated in real time, in the video. Possibly though, some other method of attaching the puppet head to the clothes peg is worth considering, because in all fairness, working with really thin double sided sticky tape is very fiddy. Maybe even prit stick would do it? I’ll give it a go and see if it works.
Still, at the end of the session, all members of the class had a finished and functional puppet head, and seemed to have enjoyed themselves, so not a bad result for a first trial run.

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