Number 15 in school.


I had a go at using drawing to explore the number 15 with a year 1 class at Ashley Down Primary school today. I’ve never done anything like that before and didn’t really know how it would turn out. The class are learning about the number 15, so I turned the number into  characters and they went on an adventure. Tula came and helped and we drew the events out on paper on an easel I  the corner of a class room. It was cramped, and we were squeezed In next to the kids drawers, where they keep their work and they kept on needing to get to them, but despite this, it seemed to go reasonably well.
We looked at adding 10, adding 5, adding 1 or 2, what numbers added together make 15 and tried to put it into a story context. For example; Number 15 goes into a bakers a to buy 15 biscuits but the baker only had eight left. To make it up to a total of 15 snacks, how many cakes would number 15 need to buy? You get the idea.
Here’s how he paper looked at the end;



Next time I do it I’ll have a clearer idea about what it’s likely we can achieve, and certainly find a less cramped place to set up.

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