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Organisation is clearly a highly useful structure. If a person wants to get things done, then being organised encourages momentum, helps thought processes to be continuous and action to be clear and decisive.

For me at the moment, I am very organised about helping my daughter Tula’s recovery from M.E. and my decision making is proving to be successful.

Gradually I am finding time for my work again as she is getting better,  but being organised about it within the structure of looking after Tula is proving to be very difficult.

Recently,  I have tended to look to philosophical books when I realise I am struggling. So yesterday, sat in the staff room at Tula’s school, feeling frustrated and so exhausted that what I wanted most was a nap,  I had a read of a book (on my kindle app on my phone) called 365 Tao by a dude called Ming-Dao Deng.It’s a book that aims to decipher the rather cryptic ancient text; the Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu and make it relevant to the modern day.

I found myself reading this;
‘Followers of Tao use patterns when planning. They observe the ways of nature, perceive the invisible lines of destiny. They imagine a pattern for their entire lives, and in this way, they ensure overall success.’
Well, all of that seemed fairly sensible to me. I’m not sure if I quite know how to perceive the invisible lines of destiny,  but imagining a pattern for one’s life is clearly going to help achieve long term goals.
However,  it wasn’t giving me the philosophical insight and guidance I needed in my current situation. Until,  later in the chapter I read;
‘However, when unpredictable things happen, those who follow Tao are also skilled at improvisation. The spontaneous creation of new patterns us their ultimate art.’
Got it! That’s what I needed to hear. I’m experimenting with new patterns right now.
Scott Belsky advises in his excellent book ‘Making ideas happen’, to rapidly try out new ideas. What’s important is to quickly recognise when something isn’t working and try to understand why so that it can be changed or cast aside, in order to ensure steady progress to the desired destination. More good advice I think.
As far as I understand, both are recommending the ability to be flexible to change, without loosing sight of the desired target.

I could never have predicted this year’s events and I’m in the middle of creating some new patterns. I might not get it right immediately, but I’ll keep trying until I find a pattern that works.

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