Of Monet.


According to the book, ‘Monet and his world’ by Raymond Cogniat, published in 1966 by Thames and Hudson, (who incidently still publish excellent art books today), Monet was recognised at school as being gifted, though he lacked zeal for study and was tempted to play truant. And when he went to study art at the Academic Suisse in Paris he found “The teaching of his professors was of little importance in his training,  which remained improvised and unsystematic, governed by a drive to find exactly what he needed, something which he sensed academic instruction could not provide.”
Well pretty much every one has seen his beautiful picture ‘Water-lillies’ and has heard of Monet, so he sure sensed right.
This Caricaturethat I’ve copied, he did when he was just 15 or 16 in 1856 and in my opinion, his use of Chiaroscuro is well developed even then.
Clever kid, and completely committed to his art.

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