The Silly Shooter 2000


In our house, we all love Halloween. Rufus and Tula love dressing up and then going out trick or treating and guzzling sweets, so each year we help them sort out different costumes. It’s been a lot of fun
Tomorrow, Tula is going to be a gangster assassin.  She’s going to be wearing a pin striped black suit, bow tie and top hat, all of which on this occasion we have bought but this morning we were still missing a gun. We quickly knocked up a design sketch, to establish roughly what it was going to look like.


Then later on in the day got down to the shed to get it made.
We cut it from some thick cardboard tube, some sheet card and a thinner cardboard tube.
Tula helped gluegun it all together.


We then covered it in grey sticky back plastic and tested it out. The design is very simple; the can of silly string sits into the magazine of the gun. The magazine is open backed and fixed in place, in just the right position to hold the silly string cans nozzle in the centre of the tube, which is the barrel of the gun. The can is then sprayed in the normal way, allowing the string to be fired from the gun. Very cool,  and it works great.
I live helping kids with these sort of projects, they are such and inspiration!
Tula is very pleased and looking forward to Halloween. I hope she has a great time and that you do too.


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