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While researching some videos people make, when filming directly from above, I came across this one by the artist, Molly Crabapple . It brilliantly shows her ability as an illustrator and a writer, but most importantly, it very clearly raises awareness for an important subject matter. Which is; immigrants in America being unjustly put in prisons, which are privately run, profit-making businesses. Sound worrying? Watch it!

I have to say it makes the type of ideas I’ve been mulling over seem rather trivial, and my drawing ability has a long way to go before I can achieve that level of competence. Still, it’s good to have something to aspire too.

If you like art and haven’t come across Molly Crabapple yet, you should check her out. To say she is prolific is a gross understatement. She has illustrated comics, books, writes and draws for newspapers, exhibits and sells her art, travelled the world to sketch war zones, started Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School, which is a Burlesque Life Drawing international franchise and made animated videos. I came across this one a while ago before I had come across any of her other work;

I think it’s great! I’m a fan.

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