Last week I renamed this blog with my actual name and set myself a target. It is to post on this blog each week day. There are various reasons for this, mainly because since starting to put content here it has been sporadic at best. I am highly creative and industrious and my biggest problem over the years has been a lack of posting a record of what I do. This has resulted in a great deal of ephemeral achievements but also a considerable backlog in half worked ideas, hiding in my computer.

Why didn’t I post consistently?

Maybe because it’s rather like writing a diary, something I’ve always been adverse to: my dad always encouraged me to keep a diary but I don’t remember him consistently keeping one himself. I now appreciate the importance of keeping a record but at the time I hated the idea. I’m now a dad of a 9 year old and a 13 year old. I’m not going to tell them to keep a keep a blog/diary but I am going to do it. They know where to find it if they want to read it.

Maybe because I was so busy being a puppeteer, working in the ‘real’ world I would regularly run out of time to post what I was up to.

Maybe because the blog was called Puppets and Pandemonium and so I felt restricted to only post about puppet stuff, where as in fact, my creative pursuits stretch further than puppetry. That’s not to say I don’t want to write about puppets. In my opinion puppetry can be one of the most developed art forms. To be a highly accomplished puppeteer take the study of many different disciplines and allows one to practice, storytelling, performance, music, recording, drawing, designing, painting, storyboarding, modelling, sculpting, reading, writing, business savvy, marketing, keeping a van on the road… the list goes on. No wonder I would blog inconsistently!

Having had to look after my daughter Tula who is now slowly recovering from ME but was very ill indeed for several months ,meant my work ground to a halt ,while I looked after her full time. It also gained me considerable financial debt, but it has made me assess what I’ve been up too and I am making some changes that hopefully will be for the better.

So if I stick to my daily target, then maybe that will help me to move some ideas along, and just possibly, they may be of interest to others.

Anyway. Yesterday, due to exhaustion, and having not mentally processed how to say what I have just written, I didn’t post. I failed! But I’m not going to beat myself up about it, hence two posts today to make up for it. One thing I’m sure of; my creative progress is inexorable. You can slow me down but there’s no stopping me. You’ll see it on this blog.

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