2B or not 2B?


I’ve just been looking through a sketchbook I was using last year while my mum died from colon cancer, in a hospice in Barnstaple, in Devon. The care she received there to help her to die with as little pain and as much dignity as possible was fantastic and we are very grateful to all the staff there.


My brother, sister and I spent as much time as we could with mum in the 6 weeks she stayed in the hospice. To pass the time, and I guess, as a method of catharsis, I sketched mum as she deteriorated and also drew my brother and sister, and tried to be as entertaining with a pencil and sketchbook as possible.


I drew cartoons with characters my brother suggested.


Most amusing to remember was a game we created; 2B or not 2B?
All you need is a selection of pencils of different hardnesses and a piece of paper.
One player then picks a pencil and draws or writes with it without revealing to the other players which pencil they selected.
The other players then have to try to work out from the sound it makes if the pencil is a 2B or not.
For a more advanced version, the other players, if it is not a 2B, have to work out what hardness of pencil it is.
Have a go, it certainly made us laugh!

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