Make a Clothes Peg Puppet.


Here is a great way to make a simple mouth puppet with a clothes peg and some card board;
1; Sketch a head with the bottom jaw separate from the head.


2. Whack the sketch onto a light box and transfer it onto card and ink. If you haven’t got a light box then either make one (I’ll show you how I made mine in a later post), or sketch the head in pencil straight onto card and then go over in ink and rub the pencil out. The beauty of using a light box is you can make duplicates and have them facing left and right.


3. Cut the head out, find some double sided sticky tape and get your clothes peg ready.


4. Paint the clothes peg black. I used acrylic paint. Leave to dry.


5. Attach the double sided tape onto each side where the head and jaw are going to attach. Peel the paper bit off to reveal the double sticky side.


6. Attach the cut out cardboard head and jaw.


7. Play with it and make more characters. Maybe write a play and act it out!


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