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I’ve recently got myself a copy of the book ‘How to draw Noir Comics;  The art and Technique of Visual Storytelling’ by a guy called Shawn Martinbrough. Amongst his many credits, he is the artist responsible for giving Batman the look he has today. His artwork is fantastic and I hope that by following the advice he gives in the book, I shall become a better visual storyteller.
As any sensible artist generally does, he recommends drawing from life as much as possible but also to take lots of black and white photos and working from them. So that’s what I started doing today while waiting for Tula in the staff room at her school.
The picture above is taken from my sketchbook with the cover of the book superimposed into the bottom left. The two pictures on top are of me and the bottom left is  of my good friend  Dave Branfield who works at the school. It was partly Dave who inspired me to get the book because he lent me some collection edition comics called ‘Promethea’ and I am really enjoying reading them. That and reading a couple of ‘Sin City’ graphic novels has really made me want to see If I can learn to draw in a comic book style. 

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