Drawing a Turban in the Bearpit.


Yesterday, a man noticed me sketching Tula, while we sat outside in the Bearpit.
He walked with a stick.
He came and talked to us and showed us his felt tip drawings, that he carried in a small bundle in his hand. They were drawn as hieroglyphs, with an African theme. He offered to sell me one.
I liked them, but I didn’t want to buy one.
He asked me if I had a spare pen. He said it would really help him out. I picked one and quickly drew him with it, to demonstrate that it worked, and gave it to him.
“They were like a kid’s” Tula commented after he had left.

Bizarrely, my sister Valeska,


when I showed her the sketch, showed me one of her drawings from the same day. It was also a person in a turban.


Funny how things go.

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