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This has been a tough year. My daughter, Tula, has been horribly ill and diagnosed with M.E.

She is very slowly on the road to recovery and now things are getting better.

We don’t want Puppets and Pandemonium all the time any more. We want things to be calm, sometimes.

Tula is with me a lot at the moment, and is now ready to be a part of the team.

She just made the current header for this blog on Manga Studio.


    1. Hi Jade, Glad you like the Header, it’s so nice of you to let us know. Thank you so much for expressing your concern for Tula. She is with me now and she wants me to thank you for thinking about her too. We are very gradually easing her back into school. Today she did 2 hours, though some of that was rest time.
      Afterwards we went rollerbooting in the bearpit in Bristol. That was great fun!

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