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The Arcadia Spider

I’m really excited to be performing my new puppet show ‘The Creation of Spring’ in Zion Community Art Space, Bristol this coming Saturday 13th July at 2.30pm.

The show tells a collection of stories inspired by Greek Mythology. We find out a little bit about the history of Gods including Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, the Adventures of Perseus  and how Persephone became queen of the underworld.

I particularly enjoy actually playing the part of Hermes; Messenger of the Gods and then jumping back into the stage to procure the puppet of the same character.

The storyline is aimed at ages 5 plus but visually and musically  it’s great for all ages. I have learnt a lot over the last few years about introducing dubious characters without scaring nervous children. Hades introduces Cerberus, Guardian of the Underworld with a very silly song all about his dog who has three heads.

Zion is a lovely light but cool space (it used to be a church) so it will be a great place to put on a show during that really hot part of the day. Other than a couple of shadow puppet scenes I’m not going to use lighting as there are no black out facilities but I really don’t think this will matter.

Lots of the characters are hand puppets whose heads I have carved from polystyrene and then covered with paper mache. I like using these materials because the puppet head can be quite big, which is good for big audiences while remaining nice and light. There is nothing worse than struggling with a heavy puppet to spoil a performance. I have picked hand puppets because it’s a great way to play two characters at the same time whilst being able to change from one to the next while the other stays on stage. I have blogged about how tricky this procedure is before but I have been practicing for a while now and I am starting to get the hang of it.

Other styles of puppetry are performed in the show including a Great Big rock and rolling Zeus and 5 Jelly Babies; Zeus’s brothers and sisters who get eaten by Cronus.

I can’t wait, hopefully you can join me on a trip to ancient Greece.

You can meet some of the characters here

Zion Art Space is on Bishopsworth Rd, Bristol, BS137JW

Ticket are £2 for Kids and £3 for Adults.

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