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The Tongue in cheek performances I am working on consist at the moment of lots of little sections. Some need more work than others, some probably need chucking away but they are heading in the direction I think they should be going. So many ideas and sections that need to be amalgamated. But devising a show can be a confusing process. Does the end result need to be seamless? Maybe the seams are interesting and are something that help to make a performance great. But how then should those seams be displayed? A discreet, carefully pressed apart hidden seam? Sturdy French seams or maybe more like something from Vivienne Westwards ‘Cut and Slash’ collection? I have started to find it very difficult to make decisions such as these on my own. Even with the help of a video camera (which as I mentioned in a previous post is great for figuring out technical issues) it is very difficult to really get an idea of what the audience will be experiencing.

So I count myself as very lucky to be able to welcome the involvement of the amazingly talented Cori Bona to help with some direction. I have worked with Cori before on a show called ‘Fishwife‘ which was great fun to make and I know that having Cori’s input will add a whole new dimension to the production. Will it be seamless? I can’t answer that yet. But if there are seams, they’ll be there for a reason and they’ll look good.

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