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Zeus’s head carved from Polystyrene

This is a picture of the head I carved today from recycled polystyrene, that we got out of an old sofa a while ago that was being chucked out. There was a huge great chunk of the stuff inside. A marvellous resource for us that would otherwise have been destined for landfill.

To make the head I cut two sections with a saw, a larger one for the head and a smaller one for the lower jaw into roughly the right size, which I then cut into shape with an extendable craft knife and various other tools including rasps and sandpaper. The ears and nose I carved separately and the stuck them in place with good quality PVA and held them in place with sewing pins. It’s really fragile at the moment so in the morning I’ll give it a paper mache covering to give it strength which will be painted when it’s dry.

Check out the posts over the next week or so to see all the stages involved in bringing this puppet to life.

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