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Chris (Mr Browns Pig) and I have now finished the current run of Green Finger shows that has been taking place in various schools in Bristol. In the show the hero Green Finger the Dynamic Digit does battle with Doctor Energy Crime, a bady who loves wasting power.

Energy Crime hopes to make sure schools are wasting loads of electricity by blasting all the teachers with his ‘Forget Me’ ray gun so that they leave all the lights and interactive white boards on all the time and leave the heating on far too high.

Green Finger fights back by teaching the children that they have the power to turn things off, and they can remind their teachers to do so too.

I really hope Green Finger got the message across because in plenty of schools we visited we saw room full of computers on with nobody in there, lights on all over the place and several cases of the heating being turned up far too high. In one school they didn’t even have a way to turn the heating down! On the last run of shows it was discovered that one schools heating was programmed to be on through the weekend.

We are a mad country/world. We have been so wasteful and we find it so hard to break the habit that here we are in the middle of a recession and just chucking power away, not to mention consequently wrecking havoc on our world. I am really proud to be working as part of an initiative to educate children in ways to do things differently. Lets hope they get the hang of it and there is still an inhabitable world for them.

Global Warming
CO2 increase causes the suns rays to get trapped in the earths atmosphere therefore raising  global temperatures.


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