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Puppets and Pandemonium would like to thank Lisa Graves at Bristol Museum for having us along to run a Shadow Puppetry Workshop as part of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations in the Museum on 1st November this week. To bring it all to life we took along our nice big shadow screen and some bright Par 56 lights and a stand. We also supplied a selection of percussion instruments to help bring the improvised performances to life. Here’s an example of the results

I did a few sketches of skulls to create some templates from;

Sketches for templates.

Plenty of people can up with their own designs too. Materials wise we took along loads of cardboard, sticky tape, dried willow sticks, pencils, pens, scissors,  some coloured rolls of cellophane and a pot of split pins. The pot of these was full with an approximate contents of 300 and at the end of the day about 2 thirds had been used and as most of the puppets made were skulls with a simple moving jaw mechanism this means around 200 skulls we made. No wonder we didn’t stop for a moment! Thanks to Carmen Arquelladas who was working with us for the day, she was a great help and in a multicultural city like Bristol it is really useful to have someone helping who is multi lingual. Hopefully we will have her working with us again.

Shadow Puppetry Fun.

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