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As I mentioned previously we had Vince John of 1 Love Media in to film a section of the Monster Chef show. Chris Brown (Mr Brown’s Pig) who plays Ratspewtin and is the co producer of the show and I decided to go for the opening scene where Chef and Ratty decide to start a Web show because they have no money and need to raise interest in their Monstrous Cooking. You can see the very simple story board in my previous Post called Flu Stew.

So on Vince’s advice I set up our little Marquee in the Workshop to film in. It’s great, It looks like this;

In the Workshop of Puppets and Pandemonium
Marquee up in the Workshop to film in.
Filming Monster Chef
Preparations nearly done

The Marquee is staying up now, it will help to keep the warmth in during the winter. It’s a nice set up, going to work is like being at a festival, I love it. The Par 56 light cans went up easily, connected to the metal frame of the tent and running through a dimmer board on the side. The lighting looks great as you can see from this photo (also taken by Vince);


Monster Chef and Ratty
Monster Chef and Ratty on the Film Set

We used headset mics, and ran them through cubase so the speach could be recorded separately while the filming took place. Afterwards I changed this information into an AIFF format for Vince to sync. with the film. The result has considerably less of an echo than if the sound had been left to bounce around the workshop.

Anyway, the filming went well, Vince took various different camera angles of the scene and numerous close-ups of the gruesome ingredients that go into the flu stew. He then did a damn fine job of the edit. Check out the end result;

Filming is fun but the real reason we have made this clip is to try to create a demand for the live performance. Hopefully it will help us to get lots of bookings for the show over the next year or so. Fingers crossed (while busy typing with them, which isn’t easy!)

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