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Really excited! We are going to be filming one of Monster Chefs recipes tomorrow with Vince John of 1 Love Media.

The basic story to go with the story board above is;

Beginning; Music> Air on a G string
Monster Chef (MC) in kitchen, unhappy. Doing his accounts- Not good financially.
Ratty enters stage left from fridge.
They decide to make a web show about Monster Cooking to promote themselves. They whip away a cloth that covers the kitchen surface to reveal the Monster Chef sign.
Middle: The Duo make ‘Flu Stew’. A large pot is procured.
Various horrible ingredients come off the shelves (stage right) and from fridge (stage left) and put into the pot. There is a hole in the pot and surface for the ingrediants to fall to the floor.
End; The pot starts to smoke (smoke machine). The stew is ready when it starts to get out of the pot. Chef whacks it repeatedly with a baseball bat until it gets back in.
They taste the stew. Its horrible.
Chef Chucks pot over his head to back stage.
Theme Music.

Got to get the workshop set up so everything is prepared for a smooth start in the morning.

All being well there with be a video to watch soon.

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