I make wooden wall art using environmentally responsible materials.

My name is Alex Hykel. I work as an Artist and a carpenter, but I don’t build houses, roofs or extensions. There are plenty building companies around who are far better equipped to offer those services.

As a craftsman, I provide excellent value, by supplying products and services that help turn houses into homes.

Hanging a picture on the wall changes the atmosphere in a room.

The wooden wall art I make adds colour, texture and life to spaces. I create art that encourages positivity.

 I also build fitted furniture that is designed to make the very best use of any available space. 

For example; In an awkward space under a staircase, I recently built large drawers, and a cupboard space for the washing machine and tumble drier. This created an accessible storage solution.  The flush, stylish front. is made from a modern, non toxic  material called Valchromat

Please have a look at the slides below.  Hopefully they will give you an idea about how the space under the staircase has been put to excellent use.


If I sound like the sort of decorative carpenter you are looking for, then please get in touch.