Hykel Carpentry Services

Alex Hykel offers a wide range of Carpentry Services. It doesn’t matter if I am hanging a door, fitting a kitchen, or designing and building a custom made wardrobe. I make a plan and then work fast, yet carefully, paying close attention to detail. My method consistently produces a really high standard of work, that my customers love.


I have never written a spontaneous testimonial for any person or service before this one. We met Alex when he was installing a fitted wardrobe for a UK company, and knew from his care, skill and application, that he is an exceptional carpenter.

Since then, we have been fortunate that he has been free to make and fit a small addition to the wardrobe…using offcuts…..and to replace some pine floorboards. We live in an old house with no straight walls, and with pipes and cables badly installed by previous tradespeople. Alex cracked every challenge as it arose, even invisibly plugging the countersunk floorboard screws after partly rebuilding joists and avoiding the pipes and cables. 

I cannot recommend him highly enough and will be pleased to give him a more precise reference if you would like one. DB Somerset 07976963507.
Di Bligh
The Stables
Langham Place
Somerset BA11 6PL

Bedside Shelves from Offcuts
Di Bligh

Mission Statement

“To provide top quality carpentry services, in Bristol, for people with high expectations, who care about their homes.”

If you need the help of a reliable and skilled craftsman, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.